Sunday 24 September 2017
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Get your children to Plan a Route around Dorset

There’s now such a huge variety of things on Hidden Dorset that it’s getting hard to decide what to do first. There’s cafés, pubs, farm shops and organic producers; festivals of all sorts, theatre, music and art; coastal beauty spots and countywide wildlife sites; churches and castles; real tennis and even an ethical travel agent. Decisions, decisions…

To make life a little easier and a bit more fun, the clever Fathom boys have developed a new feature which we have called Plan a Route which means you can collect these ‘gems’ in a treasure chest, click a button, and we draw a map for you which can guide you around the county and back home again. The beauty of this is that you can get your children involved because they’ll be happy to muck about devising the most impractical and convoluted journeys.

Keep the nominations and comments coming.

Have Fun

Jackie & Wendy

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